A place in history

I don't quite know where to start, so I shall begin by saying that you have managed to completely change my life during the last 4 days.

As my wife had told me at various times during the last 30 years of our marriage, I have never felt that I actually belonged anywhere, and had always been searching for my roots. The trip was totally amazing as were you and all the people that we met and spent time with on the journey. Your expertise and dedication was tremendous and I would/will recommend that all my friends use your company for a similar life changing experience. I feel a completely different person, complete for the first time. Peter

An amazing experience... my Who do you think you are? tour totally blew me away!

An opportunity to get under the skin of your ancestors and ‘become them’... you see what has formed you and your family and it is incredible to see how traits and patterns are passed on through generations. To stand by the grave of your great great great great great great grandfather outside a village that many generations of your family had lived and that you had never heard of, was a remarkable and frankly emotional experience! John

JOHN and PETER, Australia and UK