At Ancestral Footsteps we offer a once in a lifetime experience for yourself or a loved one - a journey back in time to discover the ancestors and distant lives that made you who you are today.

Our tailor-made tours include extensive background research on your family tree, luxury travel arrangements, and a personal researcher who will accompany and guide you throughout your journey.

With the help of our international network of expert genealogists, researchers and historians, we uncover the people, places, lives and events that have shaped you.

We go to wherever in the world your ancestors are from. A remote or hard to reach location will not deter our investigation.

As our testimonials highlight, we offer a very different and often emotional type of travel experience. On your tour you will follow clues from your ancestral documents, have one to one meetings with experts and historians, and discover first-hand the background information about your family. In taking you to the places that held meaning for your ancestors we give you the opportunity to understand the social and historical circumstances of their lives.

Knowing where we come from is just as important as being sure of the legacy we bestow to future generations. As such, we carefully document every detail of your journey in order to create a gift to pass down to future generations, in the form of your own commemorative album, family tree or special book about your ancestry.